A third of Swedish motorists support studded tyre ban

Michelin has polled motorists in Sweden on their opinions of all season tyres and the extension of a ban on the use of studded tyres.

Swedish support for extended studded tyre banAccording to Michelin’s annual tyre survey, a third of Sweden’s population supports an extension of banning tyre studs around the country despite 63% running studded tyres in the winter.

Asked whether they think the ban on studded tyres which currently applies to a few streets in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Uppsala should be expanded, 34% said yes, with the highest level of support being from Stockholm where residents voted 42% in favour of studded tyre restrictions.

When asked what kind of tyres they use in the winter, 63% of Swedish motorists answered studded Nordic winter tyres with more women than men running on studded tires at 68%. A larger proportion of motorists use studded tyres in northern Sweden standing at 94%.

Overall, 29% use non-studded Nordic winter tyres and 5% use all-season tyres.

When asked if they would consider using a tyre that works in all conditions, whether summer or winter, 46% of those surveyed answered that they would use such an option. The proportion was similar throughout urban and rural Sweden with slightly less enthusiasm being shown in the northern regions.

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