About TrafficSafe

TrafficSafe is a UK based organisation dedicated to improvements in road and traffic safety worldwide. It is a brand of AltoCIM Services Ltd (Company Registration Number 05162515) and operates as part of the CarouselWeb portfolio of online publications.


TrafficSafe provides news, insight, articles and features relating to traffic safety systems and their implementation globally. Categories covered in the information we provide include Traffic Management, Enforcement and Investigation, Legal and Insurance, Vehicle Protection, Accident Prevention, Vehicle Operation, Human Factors, Road Construction, Signs and Signalling and Organisations dedicated to road and traffic safety.


Founded by a team of specialists from the UK and Kazakhstan, TrafficSafe offers world markets expertise in the reduction of traffic related incidents and has access to a large portfolio of products from 3rd party suppliers to meet this objective.


Our senior editorial staff are Galina Pak (English News) and Dinara Tlesheva (Russian News).

The 2014-2015 Media Pack is available now for download by clicking on the link. For rate card information, e-mail one of our team. TrafficSafe 2014-2015 Media Pack


If you have any queries, please contact TrafficSafe using the details below:

For general enquiries: info@trafficsafe.org
For news submissions: news@trafficsafe.org

Mailing Address:

70 Eastbrook Road
London SE3 8BT

Tel: +44(0)20 8333 6690