Academic partnership for insurance telematics validation

Automotive research centre at Ohio University will work with Octo Telematics on the validation of its new products and services for insurance telematics.

Octo Telematics has partnered with The Ohio State University’s Center for Automotive Research (CAR), which will provide comprehensive engineering analysis and testing as independent validation for Octo’s new products and services before they are released into the market.

The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) will work closely with Octo Telematics to test and validate hardware, telematics data and algorithms. Such information is used for the development of new services and intelligence, including the advancement of crash detection, analytics and new data collection for fuel consumption and emission regulations for insurance carriers. CAR has superior knowledge in the areas of intelligent transport, sustainable and safe mobility, fuel consumption and emissions, sophisticated crash detection and additional data that will enable Octo to deliver superior services to the market.

“We are glad to partner with the world’s largest insurance telematics provider, joining their mission to deliver next generation data and services around connected cars and telematics,” said Walter Dudek, director of the centre’s engineering services. “The connected car movement is producing unprecedented opportunities for insurance companies, yet guidance is critical to help them best navigate their role in this evolution. Together with Octo, we can help them embrace this industry innovation.”

“The Ohio State University is a strategic resource and partner for Octo as we head into 2016,” said Nino Tarantino, CEO, Octo North America. “Developing products and services that are at the forefront of the migration to the connected car is our present and future and Ohio State will provide critical validation in this often new territory for our insurance partners.”

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