Active roll control system takes German award

Schaeffler receives German innovation award for its work on developing a non-hydraulic system for automotive active roll control.

Roll control system from SchaefflerThe elecro-mechanical active roll control system developed to improve automotive stability by Schaeffler has led to the company being presented with the 2016 German Innovation Award.

By quickly adjusting the chassis position to any required driving situation and absorbing road irregularities, the new mechanism minimises rolling motion at high speed and thereby improves stability, comfort and safety. Already in use on luxury saloon cars and a high-end 4×4 vehicle, the electromechanical active roll control system also reduces fuel consumption and emissions when compared to similar systems that are hydraulically controlled.

A high-ration, three stage planetary gearbox twists the two halves of the roll control mechanism in opposite directions, producing a stabilising torque which is measured and fed back to the control system using torque sensors, regulating the system actuator as required.

Unlike hydraulic systems, electromechanical active roll control only uses electric power on demand, only consuming power when the swivel actuator twists and builds up torque. Only a relatively low electrical loss of resistance has to be compensated for in order to maintain the force.

Commenting on receiving the award, Schaeffler’s Professor Peter Pleus said, “The electromechanical active roll control system convinced the high-profile German Innovation Awards committee of our innovative capacity and our ability to add to our range of electromechanical actuators that provide significant contributions to power and efficiency in vehicles.”

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