Advanced safety equipment features in Lexus launch

Japanese customers to be first to see launch of the latest Lexus LX 570 with its advanced safety system + package.

Lexus LX 570 three-bulb LED light clusterSeveral iterations have been released of the large Lexus LX 570 4×4 vehicle from Japanese automotive manufacturer, Toyota with the latest due to be available in the Japanese market this September. With numerous enhancements in style, drive train and comfort, the new Lexus also features an advanced driver safety and assistance system.

Following the Japanese launch, the LX 570 will also become available in other major markets for large luxury 4×4 equipment, predominantly the USA, Middle East and Russia.

One of the innovative features to be fitted in the latest model is the Lexus Safety System + package which is based on a combination of millimeter-wave radar and cameras to assist in blind spot elimination, active cruise control (ACC), collision avoidance and lane departure warning. This is the first time that Lexus Safety System + has been installed in a vehicle sold in Japan.

The system also features pedestrian detection and adaptive high beam selection to selectively block sections of high beams that might interfere with the vision of preceding and on-coming vehicles.

The blind spot elimination system has several functions and monitors the area surrounding the car for any vehicles within the driver’s blind spots as well as adjacent lanes to a distance of 60 metres to detect vehicles which are approaching rapidly and which may present a hazard. Cross traffic is also detected by the blind spot elimination system to assist drivers reversing out of parking bays.

Off-road safety

The big Lexus is mainly used by drivers in the luxury vehicle market rather than as an off-road vehicle but Lexus has ensured that the off-road heritage of the car is adhered to and has made sure that those who use it for off-road motoring also benefit from advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and safety features.

Two features assist driving depending on the prevailing off-road conditions: Crawl Control allows the vehicle to be operated at extremely low speeds through the use of the steering wheel alone without the need to use the accelerator or brake pedals, while the Multi-terrain Select switch increases 4WD performance by optimising traction and brake control. When driving with Crawl Control implemented, turn assist functions are engaged to enhance turning capabilities. This reduces the number of times the steering wheel has to be turned when executing tight turns, thus making the driver’s job easier.

The LX 570 is also equipped with Multi-terrain Monitors, a system of four cameras that monitor conditions around the vehicle. The system allows the driver to check the road conditions in six blind spot areas around the vehicle, both on and off the road, and facilitates driving on narrow roads or moving over to the road shoulder. In addition, as a Lexus first, the LX features an under-floor view that allows the driver to check both conditions under the vehicle and tyre positions while driving off-road.

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