Advice on avoiding the morning after drive

Brake advises drivers to avoid the risk of driving on the morning after sharing a bottle of champagne on St Valentine’s day this Sunday.

The number of people who drive in the morning after having a few drinks on the preceding evening are startling, according to a survey conducted by the UK road safety charity, Brake.

It found that 20% of drivers have taken such a risk after drinking heavily with 10% doing so at least once a month and around 5% doing so at least once every week.

The survey also found that 32% don’t drive at all on the day after an evening’s drinking. Just over a fifth would drive before 11am which could present a risk to them being over the drink driving limit of 0.08% BAC if they had had 11 units before midnight the previous day.

There are no hard and fast rules about how long the body takes to metabolise the alcohol and at what time a person is fit to drive after consuming alcoholic drinks. There are too many variables to take into account such as age, weight, the number of units consumed and the time since the last drink. The best advice is to avoid driving at all if you’re unsure whether you still have alcohol in your system or not. Inexpensive and accurate breathalysers are available which can provide drivers with a precise reading of the BAC (Blood Alcohol Count). Keeping such a device in the car could save your life and your licence.

TrafficSafe reviewed one such breathalyser which you can read here: “Why every driver should have a personal breathalyser”

With St Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday this year, Brake pointed out that people celebrating with wine and cocktails face the risk of still being over the drink drive limit on the Monday morning when they’re driving to work.

Brake’s spokesman, Alice Bailey described the risks of being over the limit on the morning following St Valentine’s day as being a danger to all road users and at risk of the driver losing their licence. Elaborating on the advice that drivers should follow, Alice said, “Use public transport or walk to work if you’ve been out on Sunday night or if you drive for work think about sharing a celebration much earlier in the day. Sleep, food, and caffeine will not sober you up, the only thing that will is time.”

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