Ancient city becomes smart with modern technology

The ancient Italian town of San Lucido will gain smart city benefits with the use of video management technology for crime prevention and traffic management.

Ancient city of San Lucido becomes a smart cityThe small town of San Lucido on the coast in the Calabria region of southern Italy has high levels of tourism during the summer for its location and history and has now embarked on a smart city programme to improve the quality of life for residents and security for visitors.

The prime emphasis of the smart city initiative is to focus on crime prevention and environmental improvements but plans are also in place to integrate the Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) on which the initiative is based with traffic management systems to take a more holistic approach to managing city functions.

Initially, the city will be using its inventory of Axis Communications cameras deployed in public areas to detect incidents and to analyse situations such as abandoned waste. All of the camera feeds will be collected using XProtect and will be made available on a timeline to authorities, security personnel and police to enable them to make informed decisions.

A mobile client will also be used to enable local police to have access to video material whilst on the move and at the scene to maintain constant awareness of the situation they’re dealing with.

Later, the city intends to integrate the platform with traffic classification software so that planners and traffic management operators can assess and analyse congestion and clear traffic jams. Milestone’s XProtect vMS provides a whole range of integration options to enable San Lucido authorities to incorporate other functions in the future based on ANPR and video analytics for other traffic management and enforcement tasks. Since the VMS is an open platform, the options for future expansion are similarly open in scope.

Commenting on the first steps that San Lucido has taken to becoming a city of the future with the use of XProtect VMS, Fabio Frangella of the city council said, “We are considering integrating Milestone’s software with other technologies such as license plate recognition and video analytics to become a true Smart City.”

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