Android app warns drivers of blocked roads ahead

A new app for the Android platform from TomTom warns of traffic jams and delays on the road ahead to prepare drivers for the unexpected.

TomTom jam ahead warnings for AndroidIn an effort to better inform drivers of what lies ahead and thereby avoid any problems, TomTom has released its Jam Ahead Warnings function on the free Speed Cameras app which is available to Android smartphone users.

The new function provides visual and audible alerts to the driver to warn of traffic ahead that is slowing down rapidly or is stationary, enabling the driver to prepare early and slow down in time to avoid braking harshly.

Already available in 16 countries around the world, the Speed Cameras app is now being launched in a further 26 countries to provide accurate fixed and mobile camera alerts as well as the new Average Speed Camera warning function. This has proven to be especially welcome by drivers as average speed cameras become more of a regular feature on roads in the UK and throughout Europe.

The locations of fixed cameras are provided by TomTom’s highly accurate database, and verified by a TomTom moderation team, while mobile speed cameras are reported and verified by a community of over 5 million drivers.

Commenting on the latest Android releases, which are available as a free download from the Google Play store, TomTom’s Corinne Vigreux said, “We’re constantly striving to make the driving experience safer and more relaxed. TomTom Jam Ahead Warnings is a powerful example of this approach.”

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