Annual research review examines vehicle technology

The Transport Research Laboratory has released its annual research review examining autonomous, connected and green vehicles as well as smart infrastructure.

The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) has collated 18 months worth of research to create its new research review, covering connected and autonomous vehicles, electric cars and healthy towns.

Positioned at the forefront of the future of transport, TRL has over eight decades of experience and currently employs a number of world-renowned experts covering all areas of transport research from traditional areas of road and vehicle safety, highway engineering and maintenance, to topics such as sustainability, attitudes and behaviour, simulation and modelling, carbon reduction, standards and specifications.

As technology disrupts all areas of transport, TRL is perfectly positioned to comment on the future of automotive technology; including connected and automated vehicles, ultra-low emission vehicles, smart cities, healthy towns and energy.

The report looks at the implications of healthy transport on road networks, infrastructure and planning as the government announces its ‘healthy towns’ initiative and provides insight into the future for self-driving cars and their safety implications. Safety could have a huge impact on the future of automotive design as rapidly expanding technology will help to meet the UN target to halve road deaths by 2020.

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