ANPR cameras with analytics capabilities

Metadata generation enables developers to link ANPR function to recognisable events detected by the camera including illegal turns.

Rapier IQ ANPR cameraThe Rapier 50IQ camera from MAV Systems has been designed in conjunction with ANPR software specialists to provide more value in enforcement and private sector applications.

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera is characterised by its low power consumption and high performance using HD imaging. It’s equipped with a motorised zoom lens and maxIRange pulsed IR illumination without additional hardware, thus providing high levels of functionality in one compact unit. Additionally, the IP68 certified weather-proof unit also has optional power-over-ethernet (PoE) to reduce wiring complexity and provide ease of installation.

The most significant feature of the unit is the inclusion of advanced metadata capabilities using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) open platform web services. This feature provides users with the opportunity to extract metadata packets alongside the ANPR data to use in self-developed analytics applications to detect events such as illegal turns and restricted entry violations along with recognising speed and direction of travel.

This powerful tools allows applications to be built creatively around the camera output and can meet the requirements of both enforcement agencies and private sector ANPR users for parking and access control.

Discussing the launch of the Rapier IQ ANPR camera, MAV Systems’ Managing Director, Steve Walker explained that its development was aimed at enabling the company’s partners to do what they do in a better way and that their reaction so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

Explaining that the Rapier camera brings the best ANPR technologies together into one efficient package, MAV Systems’ Technical Director, Peter Henden told us, “Combining the right balance of video processing, cameras and illumination technologies has allowed us to create an intelligent camera we can proudly and confidently launch with the Rapier name for professional quality and performance. The Rapier 50IQ is a truly awesome product and watch this space for more from the IQ family throughout the year.”

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