Articulated lorry jackknifes in Belarus

Poor road conditions have caused an articulated lorry to spectacularly jackknife on the M1 through Belarus.

The incident occurred on the M1 intercity route between the Belorussian city of Brest and the capital Minsk during the afternoon of the 24th March. After seeming to lose control under braking, the lorry clipped a Volvo XC60, a Skoda and two BMW saloon cars. Despite the size of the vehicle and the speed it was moving, no serious casualties were reported in the incident.

Capturing the moment on a dashcam, one motorist seemed frozen on the spot for a moment before selecting reverse and moving a few vital yards away from where the lorry was heading.

Why does a lorry jackknife?

A number of factors can cause an incident like this. In this case, given the extremely poor road conditions and the presence of other vehicles, it could have been due to the lorry driver swerving to avoid a collision and putting the tractor unit into an unrecoverable slide with the inertia of the trailer continuing to push it in a straight line.

Other factors causing a jackknife are poorly maintained brakes, inoperative ABS, overloading the rear axle of the tractor unit, inoperative rear axle load sensors, unbalanced braking force between tractor unit and trailer or poorly maintained tyres. Any of these factors could have contributed to the lorry jackknifing.


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