Automatic enforcement improves school safety

Videalert is attending the Parkex event to showcase its video based automatic enforcement system for use around schools.

Automated school road safetyAt this year’s Parkex trade show, camera-based enforcement specialist, Videalert is showcasing its automatic enforcement system for improving safety around schools.

“Keep clear” areas are often violated when dropping off and picking up school children and the areas are difficult to enforce with a human presence at such busy times across many districts so the system available from Videalert provides local authorities with the means of reducing accidents involving pupils and is currently being deployed by some local authorities, including within the London Boroughs of Barnet and Bromley.

The system operates by using a digital high definition Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera which automatically finds and captures images of vehicles which are contravening parking regulations using a combination of ANPR (LPR) and video analytics. The analytics system recognises pre-defined watch areas within the camera’s field of view and captures offenders that remain within that area for more than a specified period of time.

Once evidence has been captured, an “evidence pack” is automatically generated and sent to the local authority department for review and processing. By automating the entire process, improvements can be achieved in productivity and costs can be reduced when compared to systems that require the monitoring of each camera in order to identify when offences have taken place and then manually create the evidence pack.

The system can be scaled to include other parking enforcement and moving traffic offence enforcement activities, enabling the local authorities to achieve better cost breaks.

Commenting on the effectiveness of the approach, Videalert’s Marketing Director, Tim Daniels said, “This approach shows that when deployed correctly, CCTV can provide cost effective and continuous enforcement that will change the behaviour of drivers and increase road safety outside schools over the longer term.  This intelligent method will deliver significant cost savings and higher productivity than can be achieved using foot patrols or CCTV vehicles.”

Flexibility is also offered by Videalert in the way the system is funded with either capital expenditure based supply or the use of a fully hosted on-demand managed service offering. This approach provides councils with more flexibility in how they fund their enforcement projects, enabling them to deploy the system quickly without large capital outlay.

“The fully hosted managed service approach provides a new way for Councils to address school safety problems by delivering CCTV as a utility, wherever and whenever it is needed with the ability to switch it on or off as required. It also greatly accelerates council deployment timeframes,” concluded Daniels.

Videalert is demonstrating its automated school safety system at the Parkex exhibition taking place in Coventry from 15th to 16th June 2016 on stand B54.

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