Average Speed Detection System Launches At Intertraffic

Morpho’s Mesta Smart average speed monitoring system uses ANPR technology to enforce speed limits over a wide range of road topographies.

Morpho chose the Intertraffic event in Amsterdam to launch its new average speed enforcement system Mesta Smart. The system operates by capturing licence plate information at an entry point camera, matching it to the same information at an exit point and calculating the average speed between them. When a violation is detected, the information is encrypted and securely transmitted to a processing centre.

What makes the Mesta Smart system different is the range of deployment options that can be used. Deployment can be on long stretches of highway to enforce speed limits over long distances or it can be used for specific high risk control points such as road works, school zones, tunnels or bridges. Average speeds of up to 250kph (155mph) can be handled by the camera system.

The system can also be used at low light levels for day or night usage and in all weathers thus eliminating many of the limitations of earlier average speed detection systems.

Each installation comprises a detection module and an image acquisition module at both entry and exit points. The detection module detects the kind of vehicle (HGV, car, motorcycle, trailer combination etc) and identifies it. This extremely rapid detection algorith can detect up to 2400 vehicles per lane per hour for up to four lanes of traffic. Based on the detection, the image acquisition module then captures the corresponding image for number plate recognition (ANPR or LPR). The information is sent securely to the data processing centre for storing ready to match the vehicle with the exit point and calculate the average speed.

In addition to speed enforcement, the system can also be used for providing traffic flow figures to assist traffic management and can detect vehicles on a target list issued by the police (for example stolen vehicles or those involved in crime).

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