Azerbaijan takes freight scanning system for border protection

High energy cargo scanning systems will be used on the borders of Azerbaijan to protect the country from dangerous and illegal goods.

The country has chosen to deploy high energy x-ray scanning systems for inspecting road and rail freight entering Azerbaijan for the detection of explosives, weapons and other illegal items.

The systems will be supplied under an 18 million Euro contract with security systems supplier Smiths Detection who will install the devices in security check points at the country’s ports and land border crossings.

The Customs authority of Azerbaijan is currently undergoing a modernization project to improve their ability to detect illegal goods, narcotics, dangerous goods, weapons and explosives. To achieve this, the border checkpoints will deploy the Smiths Detection high energy x-ray screening technology for trains (HCVT) and the high energy X-ray gantry screening system (HCVG) for road transport.

The HCVG system reduces the requirement for manual inspection by providing operators with X-ray imaging of containers, trailers and trucks for a fast and detailed internal view which can distinguish between organic and inorganic materials. This enables high throughput capabilities to reduce queues at the border while providing sufficient intelligence to target suspect vehicles for more detailed inspection.

The system can also be used to verify cargo manifests to ensure compliance with the country’s policy on the transport of dangerous goods. As well as local inspection and analysis, the Azerbaijan customs authority has the capability of transmitting images for more detailed analysis or for central storage at the organization’s headquarters in the capital city of Baku.

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