Baby monitor displays on GPS navigator

Garmin has integrated a baby monitor with its navigator products to allow drivers to monitor rear seat activity on the GPS navigator screen.

In-vehicle passenger monitoring systemGarmin has released babyCam, the first in-vehicle video monitor that functions wirelessly with a compatible Garmin GPS navigator. Aimed at facilitating driver safety, the babyCam conveniently transmits video to the GPS navigator display. This allows parents the benefit of daily route guidance while the babyCam monitors their children in the back seat of a vehicle. Thanks to its night vision, the babyCam also lets drivers view little passengers at night or in low-light conditions without disturbance.

Commenting on the innovative integration, Garmin’s Dan Bartel said, “Having to awkwardly turn around or pull over on the side of the road to check on your child is simply unsafe. With babyCam, parents can easily monitor children as often as they need.”

Drivers can easily mount the babyCam unit to a front- or back-seat headrest within minutes. The babyCam’s adjustable viewing angle can monitor multiple children in the rear seats of a vehicle. After driving to a destination, the babyCam reminds drivers to check for passengers before exiting the vehicle. This useful on-screen alert helps avoid incidents where a sleeping child is accidentally left unattended inside a vehicle. In an effort to keep both hands safely on the wheel, drivers can use compatible voice-activated navigators to control the babyCam with their voice. A simple voice command allows users to switch from the Garmin navigation display to the babyCam view.

When paired with a broad range of Garmin navigators, the babyCam syncs seamlessly to the compatible device. Furthermore, the babyCam can be powered wirelessly with two AA batteries or with a USB power cable. The easy-to-use babyCam monitor features a child-friendly design with no sharp edges.

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