Barnet to use automatic enforcement to make schools safer

32 schools in the London Borough of Barnet will gain protection from traffic violations through the use of automatic enforcement systems.

Auto enforcement for school protectionOpenView Security Solutions will be supplying and maintaining surveillance systems for the Borough of Barnet in North London for automatic traffic enforcement using Videalert technology in locations throughout the Borough including for improving safety for children around more than 30 schools in the region.

After undertaking a study, council officials identified 20 locations that warranted automatic enforcement either due to being congestion hotspots or places where moving traffic offences were habitually committed by motoring offences. OpenView will install systems in these locations during the first few months of the year for enforcing box junctions, banned right turns and restricted access roads.

In addition, responding to numerous complaints from school authorities, residents and parents, the council will install single camera systems from Videalert to enforce clearway restrictions outside schools at peak times to prevent drivers from dropping off and picking up children outside schools when parking is restricted to prevent dangers of obstruction and parked vehicles when pupils are moving to and from school.

Commenting on the effects on school safety by introducing automatic enforcement systems, Dean Cohen of Barnet Council said, “The introduction of CCTV enforcement will have a big impact on helping to make roads safer, improve traffic flows and reduce air pollution.”

Explaining why the Videalert system was chosen as the ANPR based enforcement system in the Borough, OpenView’s Terry Cox commented, “The Videalert platform allows multiple civil traffic enforcement and traffic management applications to run simultaneously without requiring specific equipment for every point. It is also ‘Open Standards-based’, allowing OpenView to provide HD IP CCTV cameras to work with the Videalert platform.”

Barnet council chose the Videalert system after assessing a functioning installation in the Borough of Redbridge, which is also in North London, where Videalert systems are delivering effective and reliable unattended enforcement in high traffic volume environments by combining ANPR with video analytics.

The video analytics element is an important part of preventing complaints of unfair prosecutions as it provides an additional layer of intelligence for moving object tracking and therefore only vehicles which are actually involved in a real offence are subject to prosecution. This can’t be achieved without video analytics.

In Barnet, there will be a period of four weeks when the council will issue warning notices to offenders rather than prosecuting them. This will give local residents and people who regularly drive through the borough a period of adaptation to the new enforcement regime.

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