Book details driver behaviour impact on fleet businesses

Fleetmatics has published an e-book to help fleet managers understand the impact of driver behaviour on haulage operations.

Little doubt remains within the fleet operations community that the behaviour of drivers when behind the wheel can have a serious impact not only on the safety and reputation of a company, but also on operational costs. A new e-book, “How driver behaviour can impact your business”, has been published by Fleetmatics which helps fleet managers to better understand the level of this impact and how driver monitoring can help to control associated costs.

Fleetmatics provides GPS tracking systems for fleet managers to deploy within their vehicles which monitor poor aspects of driver behaviour including the use of excessive speed, hard braking, severe cornering or unnecessary idling. Improving performance in all of these parameters can help to have a positive impact on operational costs as well as improving safety performance for the entire fleet.

Whilst compiling the book, Fleetmatics drew on the experience of the UK’s Automobile Association (AA) and the US Environmental Protection Agency to gether evidence of the correlation between driver behaviour and road safety, higher maintenance costs, increased emissions and poor fuel consumption. An example is quoted from AA research which shows that commercial vehicles consume an average of 25% more fuel when travelling at 10-15mph over 70mph (113kph).

With the use of telematics based driver monitoring systems such as Fleetmatics, fleet managers are alerted to dangerous driving activities through accurate individual reports. Using such reports, measures can be put in place to improve driver behaviour through training and encouragement or through incentive schemes. Such methods are known to result in fewer fines for speeding, reduced accident rates and lower operating costs.

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