British Road Deaths Increase For First Time Since 2003

The UK’s Road Safety Foundation comments on annual British statistics on road casualties in the country.

According the the Road Safety Foundation, improvements in British road casualty statistics since 1994 have been largely due to improved vehicle design and a reduction in older vehicles being present on the road. However, last years increase in traffic accident casualties signals a stabilisation of transport demographics and a need to adopt new policies on road safety in the country.

Reacting to the UK Government report, “Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: Main Results 2011”, the Road Safety Foundation’s chief, Dr Joanne Marden stated that measures are now needed to tackle both driver behaviour and the standard of the country’s road network.

Driver behaviour problems in the country include excessive drinking, breaking speed limits and failing to wear seat belts, according to Dr Marden. She also believes that the country should embark on a program to improve single carriageway trunk routes standards in line with those adopted by some northern European countries.

Commenting on vehicle safety, Dr Marden is advocating the more widespread adoption of more intelligent rather than passive safety features in vehicles including emergency braking assistance and stability control technology.

With the cost of traffic incidents on Britain’s roads reported to be up to as much as 2.3% of GDP each year, the Road Safety Foundation says that taking even inexpensive measures to improve the condition and safety of the road network will result in fast returns on investment.

With the number of people either killed or seriously injured in road accidents in Britain having risen 2% year on year for the first time since 1994, the Road Safety Foundation is calling on the Government to act immediately to prevent further increases.

Access the UK road accident statistics report and read TrafficSafe’s review

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