Bus tyre designed to combat slush build-up

Nokian has received an industry press award for its heavy duty tyre with special features for city buses to help prevent the build-up of slush and snow.

Award for heavy vehicle tyres from NokianThe new “Nokian Hakka Truck Drive” all-season tyre for buses by Nokian Heavy Tyres has selected as the winning tyre in a survey by “busplaner”, a German trade magazine for contractors in the public transport industry. 43% of the readership of the magazine voted for the Hakka Truck Drive to be the winner.

The all season Hakka Truck Drive tyre has been specifically designed by Nokian to suit the haulage and public transport industries and is particularly suitable for heavy vehicles covering medium to long distances. According to Nokian, it is particularly suited to those companies that operate in Central Europe, since the tyre was designed with the weather conditions of the region in mind.

One feature of such weather conditions is the large amount of snow that remains on the road surface or turns to slush. In an attempt to overcome the associated grip problems in such conditions, Nokian came up with an innovative V-shaped arrow pattern on the tyre surface, which prevents slush and snow from getting into and blocking the tread.

To maintain snow and slush grip regardless of the age of the tyre, additional grooves gradually emerge as the tyre wears with the V-shaped arrows regenerating themselves automatically so that they don’t disappear or become ineffective.

Harsh testing regime

All of the HGV and bus tyres developed by Nokian go through a rigorous testing regime to ensure they meet the demands of professional drivers operating in the most extreme driving conditions. Tests are performed in Western Finland as well as at Nokian’s own proving grounds in the dramatic landscape and harsh climatic conditions of Ivalo in Finnish Lapland.

Nokian uses these facilities to drive millions of kilometres on its tyres in different conditions throughout the year and in different application environments in order to ensure that all conditions and parameters are accounted for within the design.

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