Campaign launches to promote safer walking routes for schools

Road safety charity embarks on 2014 Giant Walk campaign to raise awareness of road safety in schools and encourage children to take safer walking routes.

Giant Walk event at Rice Lane infant school in Liverpool

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With tens of thousands of school children in Britain learning about road safety every year through Brake’s Giant Walk campaigns, the charity is having a significant effect on the safety of vulnerable children as they take their journeys each day to and from school.

Now, Brake is launching its 2015 Great Walk event and is calling on education professionals to register for the event and help to instill an attitude of road safety amongst their pupils.

Scheduled to take place on 10th June, 2015, the event will involve school pupils taking part in walks starting from outside their schools to promote safer walking and cycling in their local communities. Supported by resources available from Brake, teachers are being encouraged to use the event to engage in classroom activities and to raise awareness amongst local drivers of the vulnerability of children walking or cycling to and from school.

The three main objectives of the Giant Walk are to promote road safety to the children themselves so that they are aware of the dangers on the roads and are equipped to be safe users of the road, to reach beyond the school gates to drivers in the local community to make them aware of the vulnerability of local school children and thereby drive more appropiately and also to raise funds through sponsored activities for bereaved families and those whose members have been injured in incidents on the roads.

Talking about next year’s event, Brake’s Julie Townsend stated that Giant Walk is a good way to campaign for safer roads to enable children to either walk or cycle to school with less fear from traffic. It’s an opportunity to teach school pupils about road safety and the healthy and ecological advantages of walking or using pedal-power.

Primary schools throughout the UK are being encouraged to register their interest in taking part in the event at Brake’s Giant Walk Web Site

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