Canary Wharf integrates ANPR into security management

Genetec has supplied AutoVu ANPR as part of its video management system controlling security and vehicular access control at Canary Wharf in London.

Canary WharfAfter running an analogue, DVR-based video surveillance system for many years, the Canary Wharf district of East London, which is home to some of the world’s most prominent financial institutions, has now opted for a fully digital management system which handles surveillance, security and vehicular access control amongst other tasks.

After putting a number of systems on test, Canary Wharf Group chose the Omnicast video Management System from Genetec, an open platform on which the group could build the required functions including License Plate Recognition (LPR) and some degree of traffic management.

The security team at the development tracks vehicles within peninsula by using the AutoVu automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system which automatically notifies police of hotlist hits. Canary Wharf has also added a car barrier system. At the touch of a button, operators can block vehicle roadways when a situation requires immediate district lockdown.

Being such a large area with such a diverse installation, there are thousands of devices, cameras and sensors that are linked into the system, all of which are controlled by Plan Manager, a map interface on which alarms can be visualised and camera sequences set up to display events as they unfold or forensically.

Bernadette Bashford-Payne, Estate Control Centre Manager at Canary Wharf believes the map interface saves her team a great deal of time. “Our team can quickly follow a subject through the business district. Within seconds, we can pull up camera sequences which help to tell the story, identifying where the subject came from and how events happened. Then, we let police handle the rest.”

The security management system operates a total of 1750 surveillance and 17 ANPR cameras as well as a built-in access control plugin which provides full integration with over 1000 doors. The integration of such a large estate was a key element in its choice, as explained by Bernadette Bashford-Payne, “Why have separate systems when you can have it all in one? All of the information we need is available from one central platform. We originally procured the system for one purpose, but we are recognising so much more opportunity and value in our system as we continue adding automation and integrations.”

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