Collaboration brings traffic management to the cloud

Cubic and Microsoft have joined forces to offer scalable and flexible traffic management systems using the Azure cloud-based platform.

Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) will offer the first US demonstration of NextTraffic, its new traffic management and optimisation system using Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, to ITS America 2016 attendees.

Earlier this month, CTS launched NextTraffic at ITS Europe earlier this month. The product combines CTS’s expertise in transportation payment and information technologies with Microsoft’s enterprise product expertise.

NextTraffic has the potential to improve traffic patterns, reduce congestion, contribute to economic growth and revolutionise city planning, all while benefiting the quality of transport around the city.

NextTraffic supports system-wide data collection, processing and sharing of information to travelers and cities with a modern, financially flexible system that can work with the customer’s existing infrastructure and products through the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The scalable cloud-based platform presents the collection, processing, monitoring, controlling and management of all traffic elements on multiple computer networks, in one place, for control of surface transport and better utilisation of roads and networks.

CTS’s share of the smart city market and focus on transport and traffic management, along with the aid of the Microsoft cloud platform, will give operators the advantage of CTS’s massive data sources and enable enhanced data processing and deep analytics through its connection to Azure.

“Working with Microsoft to develop a cloud-based installation of NextTraffic gives us the capability to offer advanced traffic management to any city, town or municipality,” said Chris Bax, Cubic vice president, ITS global strategy. “The power of the cloud allows us to scale the product to fit the needs of the customer. This leap in service delivery will help improve traffic management across the USA by seamlessly linking adjacent centres to offer intra-urban traffic management coordination.”

“We are now seeing a big effort to effectively and efficiently manage traffic across the urban landscape,” said Bill Mitchel, senior director of worldwide public sector at Microsoft. “Cubic NextTraffic, hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, delivers technological capability and advancements in a security-enhanced cloud environment. This combination will help urban traffic managers invest in long-term methods for years to come.”

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