Connected navigation system for Jaguar XF

The new Jaguar XF has been launched featuring integrated intelligent location technology that connects to a smartphone companion app.

Integrated intelligent location technology for the Jaguar XFJaguar has gone beyond built-in navigation technology to feature intelligent location technology on the car’s InControl Touch Pro Infotainment system. To achieve this next level of navigation, Jaguar collaborated with HERE, a Nokia company specialising in navigation, mapping and location related technology.

The integrated InControl Touch Pro infotainment and HERE location technology systems provide a number of location based services to the driver across multiple screens as well as a smartphone equipped with a companion app. The system learns the driver’s route preferences and provides intelligent navigation both in the car and on the smartphone once the vehicle has been parked and left.

For more complex journeys, the driver can plan the route including stopovers and visits to places of interest on the smartphone. Once the phone is connected to the car, the data is automatically transferred to the navigation system. However, the planning doesn’t stop there. By accessing the HERE location cloud, challenges encountered on the journey can be resolved and routes replanned based on traffic congestion, road closures and other unexpected problems that may occur on the journey.

The driver can also programme fuel company preferences or can request lowest cost fuel stops. When the car becomes low on fuel, the navigation system directs the driver to the nearest fuel filling station based on these preferences.

A first for in-car navigation systems, the Jaguar technology can share estimated arrival times with other people through the smartphone app. If traffic congestion is encountered, the app can be programmed to automatically provide updated estimated arrival times to pre-defined recipients. There’s no need for drivers to call the office to say they’ll be late, the app will do that automatically.

Commenting on the collaboration with Jaguar, HERE’s Vice President of Connected Driving, Floris van de Kashorst stated that standard navigation or way-finding apps are no longer enough for today’s drivers. “This guidance system combines the intuitiveness of a smartphone with the benefits of being deeply integrated into the car, with the result being an experience that we believe drivers will enjoy day in, day out,” Floris told us.

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