Decorative Fencing Proves No Match for Speeding Nissan

Nissan 350Z breaches central reservation barrier proving uselessness of decorative fencing for traffic safety.

In a city ring road accident involving a speeding Nissan 350Z, over 20 metres (65 feet) of decorative wrought iron fencing was destroyed after the vehicle lost control, mounted the central reservation (or median) and collided with the fencing separating the two carriageways.

The recently opened dual-carriageway section of the Almaty ring road has crash barriers on each side of the road way and decorative fencing along the central median.

Fencing Destroyed by NissanDuring the accident, the Nissan destroyed a long section of fencing before settling on the opposite carriageway obstructing oncoming traffic. However, oncoming vehicles managed to avoid any further collision and there were no casualties other than the Nissan driver who was hospitalized.

The incident illustrates the ineffectiveness of decorative wrought iron fencing as road barriers. Such fencing isn’t designed for absorbing impact and can result in higher casualty rates through heavier impact damage, flying debris and encroachment into oncoming traffic.

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