Domestic car theft prevention with rising bollards

The use of rising bollards for preventing thefts of vehicles from driveways at domestic properties could provide an answer to fighting vehicle crime.

Rising bollards for domestic securityWith police budgets being cut further in the UK and forces being required to meet tighter financial requirements, leaders in the police service are calling on the British public to provide more assistance by handing over surveillance footage from private installations and becoming more involved in the detection and prevention of crime.

With tens of millions of pounds being taken out of provincial police force budgets for 2016, the problem is national and the police and Crime Commissioners organisation is providing the grim prediction that the capacity to fight crime and prevent it proactively will be almost completely lost by the end of the decade.

Having established technology for preventing crime in public places, street furniture manufacturer Greengate is now offering its range of rising bollards to private buyers as an effective means of securing driveways and preventing cars from being stolen from within property boundaries. Rising bollards provide a neat system of blocking driveway entrances but are easily “sunk” into the ground so they can be driven over by those who have authorised access.

With a long-established ability to prevent ram-raids, terrorist attacks and accidental incursion by vehicles into pedestrian areas, such bollards are available in a range of materials and strengths to suit any security application.

According to Greengate, “Rising bollards give out messages to thieves that they have no chance of stealing a car from a drive.”

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