Driver monitoring app could reduce insurance premiums

A new app has been released by Octo Telematics to monitor driver behaviour and provide insurance quotes based on performance.

Octo Telematics has developed a smartphone app for drivers to monitor their behaviour on the roads and see how this can be translated into reduced insurance premiums. The free app, called “Octo U”, uses a combination of GPS and telematics technology to monitor the driver, assess behavioural performance and provide a score which can be used as the basis for insurance quotes.

Whilst it may be of benefit to use the insurance quote feature, this is optional and so the app can simply be used for monitoring behaviour and tracking improvements, thus providing the benefits of safer and more economical driving.

Using GPS technology, the Octo U app monitors such parameters as speed, braking force and accelerationi and combines it with other factors such as the weather and road conditions, the time when the driving took place, the type of road, journey length and traffic conditions to provide a behaviour ranking for each trip that the driver takes.

According to Octo Telematics’ CEO, Fabio Sbianchi, the app enables the driver to have control through better understanding of what makes a good driver and with the incentive of a cheaper insurance quote, app users will be safer on the roads.

Dr Tom Fisher, senior research and communications officer at road safety charity Brake said: “Changing driver behaviour is crucial in reducing collisions and helping all road users to make safer choices at the wheel. In-vehicle technology is an invaluable tool in informing and improving driver behaviour.”

“Telematics can play an important role in alerting road users to their own risky and potentially dangerous behaviours such as speeding and harsh braking, which is why we are excited about the launch of Octo U,” he continued.

Available as a free download from Google Play and Apple app store for use on Android and iPhone devices, Octo U provides a number of benefits including the provision of accurate insights into driver behaviour, advice on how to improve behavioural profiles and discounted insurance for good driving.

In the future, Octo also plans to add non-insurance based products and services that are focused around reducing the cost of motoring, rewarding customers with incentives that are specific to the trips they take and providing for enhanced social sharing and engagement.

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