Dubai traffic system wins Toll excellence award

The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai has taken the 2014 Toll Excellence Award in Technology at the IBTTA event.

Taking place this week in Autin, Texas, the Internaitonal Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA) has bestowed its annual Toll Excellence Award in Technology to the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai for the work done to improve the country’s Salik Toll System to reduce congestion and encourage the use of alternative routes.

The automatic tolling system in Dubai has the world’s widest open-road tolling zone and is now processing over three million transactions every day. This has been largely achieved through the use of free-flow tolling with passive tags used in cars so that the toll transaction is performed as the car passes through the tolling zone rather than having to stop at a booth.

Having originally installed the Salik system in Dubain in 2006, the expansion task also fell to tolling and traffic management specialist, TransCore who carried out the construction of additional tolling locations comprised of enhanced features as well as new toll gates.

The demanding environment in which the system was deployed involved a number of challenging aspects for TransCore to solve including the ability of the equipment to operate in harsh desert climates without suffering from the effects of direct sunlight or strong wind conditions. The system was also required to process real-time images across seven lanes of traffic traveling at speed which could exceed 140 kph (87 mph) and had to have built-in system redundancy so that the tolling system could continue operating if the network failed.

With increased daily transactions and a reduction in peak travel times of as much as 22%, the Salik toll upgrade achieved its original objectives.

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