Express lane tolling to be extended in California

TransCore will be implementing a new traffic management system and extending the use of express lane tolling in the Bay Area.

The existing network of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes in the Bay Area of California is to be extended by 2017 and will include toll-based express lanes to provide motorists in this congested area of America with alternative options for improved mobility.

The new system will include additional routes and will complement the existing HOV and bus lane routes. The work will encompass 90 miles (145 km) of the I-80, I-680 and I-880 interstate highways.

By making such changes over the next three years, the Bay Area will gain improved connectivity and better efficiency which makes best use of the existing capacity and provide drivers with dynamically priced alternatives which will provide a congestion free option alongside those who use car pooling or public transport.

The network will operate on the basis of TransCore’s Infinity Express system which uses readers, sensors and imaging devices placed on the infrastructure to assess real-time traffic conditions and use this information to dynamically determine toll pricing which will be displayed on Variable Message Signs.

The TransSuite traffic management system from TransCore will also be used to provide enhanced connectivity between agencies in the Bay Area and the California Highway Patrol traffic police department.

The 270 miles (434 km) of express lanes that currently exist in the Bay Area are planned to be expanded to cover 550 miles (885 km) which will be operational by 2035.

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