Extended smartphone connectivity for Skoda drivers

SmartLink from Skoda enables drivers to transmit and analyse certain driving parameters to their smartphone.

Skoda smart driving appUseful for information, entertainment and safety, the combined SmartLink and SmartGate functions from Skoda provides extended connectivity between the driver’s smartphone and the car. Using these new products, smartphone apps can be displayed on the infotainment screen in the vehicle and vehicle data can be accessed on the SmartGate app.

Journey histories, including distance, routes, speeds and other parameters can be stored, aggregated and displayed both on the smartphone itself or on the online Skoda Drive Portal. This information can be shared with family and frieds and is a useful means of parents monitoring novice drivers.

The data retrieved from the car can also be shared with other apps that can monitor vehicle or driver performance and behaviour.

With up to 40 different vehicle parameters being available to the SmartGate app for monitoring, including braking, accelerator pressure, cornering forces and speed, comprehensive analysis can be performed on driving behavioural patterns which can be used for monitoring fleet drivers and used as a means of improving driver behaviour and reducing risk on the roads.

Available on the Skoda Fabia, Octavia, Rapid, Yeti and Superb models, SmartLink and SmartGate are under continuous review by the company to bring more functionality and connectivity to vehicle owners and make use of future third party connected vehicle applications. Skoda owners can obtain the app for all major smartphone operating systems from the Apple or Windows Store and Google Play.

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