Family Safety Week event encouraging responsible road sharing

RoSPA is encouraging drivers and cyclists alike to improve safety on UK roads by sharing responsibly and being aware of each other’s needs.

Encouraging drivers and cyclists to take positive action by sharing the road responsibly could help prevent death and injury among vulnerable road users.

This is the message from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) as it hosts the sixth day of its Family Safety Week (FSW) with the theme of sharing the road.

To tackle the issue, the charity, which has been at the heart of accident prevention for almost a century, has put together some information on its Family Safety Week website so cyclists and drivers can learn how to use the road together and look out for one another.

It includes advice for drivers such as how much space to give when overtaking and how to look out for cyclists at junctions. For cyclists, there is information on the importance of good communication including eye contact at junctions, lane positioning and riding in groups.

Nick Lloyd, RoSPA’s road safety manager, said: “We all need to share the roads together, be courteous and watch out for vulnerable road users. It’s really easy to say, but often difficult to do, especially when people are in a rush.

“Drivers and cyclists can put themselves or others in danger through the actions they take. This can be as a result of a lack of understanding of each other’s needs which can result in either physical or verbal conflict.

“Actions such as overtaking too closely to a cyclist may be carried out unintentionally, but can be extremely intimidating and upsetting to both parties.”

According to 2013 road casualty figures from the Department for Transport (DfT), 109 cyclists were killed while 3142 were left seriously injured. In order to ensure that cycle safety remains of paramount importance, RoSPA has produced a new cycle policy which looks at how cycling can be encouraged while maximising safety.

Family Safety Week was set up by RoSPA in a bid to help millions of people protect their loved ones from accidents – the top cause of early preventable death.

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