Fire service cadets win young people’s road safety award

Video films made by cadets at Cheshire Fire Service have been recognized with an award by Brake for campaigning to save young lives.

UK road safety charity, Brake created the 2young2die awards to promote awareness of road safety amongst young people. The competition involved the creation of videos, posters and interactive workshops designed to engage young people about road safety and the protection of themselves, their friends and others around them.

Young people are more likely to die on the roads than from any other cause. A fifth of new drivers crash within six months of passing their test and 18 year-olds are three times more likely to be involved in an accident than people who are 30 years older. 17 to 24 year-olds make up 12% of the nation’s licence holders but have some involvement in 24% of deaths and serious injuries on UK roads.

According to Rich Andrew of Brake, young people can have a considerable impact on reducing the loss of life and suffering on the roads by being involved in such campaigns as 2Young2Die.

The winning entry for 2013 came from a team of Fire Brigade cadets from the Cheshire towns of Congleton, Sandbach and Runcorn with a series of three videos covering speeding, the use of seat belts and drink driving. The cadets became involved in the project after the death in 2010 of their colleague Hayley Bates, who was also a Fire Service Cadet from Congleton.

Laura Wheelton of Congleton fire service explained that their colleague Hayley had been killed as a result of speeding and her fellow cadets wanted to pass the message on that speeding kills and it needs to stop. She went on to say that the group intends to make more films about road safety in the future.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s chief fire officer, Paul Hancock added that he was delighted that the cadets had won the award and that it would play a key role in the education of young drivers on road safety. The Cheshire fire cadets’ drink driving video is shown below:

Brake also commended the results of the work of Jordan Bone from Kings Lynn who had been paralysed at the age of 15 through the actions of a young driver. Her video entry was produced with the aid of the Fixers charity and highlights the consequences of traveling with young, inexperienced drivers. She has launched a wristband campaign encouraging people to think twice before taking risks.

Jordan stated that she was pleased with the recognition from Brake for her campaign which is important to her since she would like something positive to come from such a negative situation. She wouldn’t have thought she’d have been capable of being involved in such a campaign before her crash and she feels proud of what she has now achieved. She’d now like to share her story and influence young people in thinking twice about taking risks on the roads. Jordan Bone’s video is shown below:

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