Fleet Operators Urged To Undertake Drink And Drug Testing For Drivers

Over half of Britain’s fleet operators don’t test drivers for alcohol or drugs despite continued levels of drink driving on UK roads.

The UK road safety charity Brake and its Fleet Safety Forum are highlighting the continued danger of drink driving on Britain’s roads after a police summer crackdown has shown little change in driving under the influence of alcohol since last year.

Further information that more than half of fleet operators don’t test drivers for alcohol and more than 60% don’t test for drugs reveals lower levels of risk management within fleets than would be appropriate at a time when the country is trying to reduce the level of drink and drug related offences on the road.

With alcohol ingestion more than tripling the likelihood of an accident and with 17% of fatally injured drivers having positive results for illegal drugs in their blood, the Fleet Safety Forum believes that fleet operators should contribute more towards reducing these figures through driver testing.

Brake is holding a “zero tolerance” seminar in september to which fleet managers are invited in order to become more familiar with the effects of driving under the influence and how fleets can manage the risk. All commercial organisations that employ professional drivers should have a policy in place regarding the use of alcohol or drugs before driving and these policies should be enforced.

Julie Townsend of Brake said that she encourages fleet managers to take advantage of the seminar and understand how they can take steps to eliminate the use of drink and drugs amongst their professional drivers.

Fleet drivers are a particularly high risk group concerning residual alcohol content since they often work irregular hours with a greater risk of “morning after” effects resulting from early starts.

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