Four year analysis of winter tyre market in the USA

Research report examines the market for winter tyres in the USA with safety aspects dominating growth for the next four years.

Research and Markets has published a new report into the drivers influencing the winter tyre market in America until 2018 with increased awareness of the increased safety of using specialist tyres being the main factor governing the expected growth in the segment.

Winter tyres have long been acknowledged as being an important safety factor for winter motoring on cold roads with or without snow and ice cover. Certain markets predominate in the sale of winter tyres with northern Asian and European countries having a long history of such usage. Whereas the habit of changing seasonal tyres is ingrained in the culture of these regions, there is historically less inclination to do this in the USA.

However, habits are changing and an increasing awareness of road safety is driving more attention to such details as the correct selection of tyres for road and driving conditions. This increased awareness is coming from road safety campaigns and greater information available from Government agencies and vehicle manufacturers.

Despite the dominance of high profile brands such as Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone in the USA, there is the emergence of other manufacturers who are producing new eco-friendly seasonal tyres with high winter performance for high-end vehicles such as luxury 4×4 (SUV) equipment and limousines. One example of such emerging companies is Hankook Tire Worldwide which has introduced the i*concept evo winter tyre into the region.

The expected growth in winter tyre revenues in the USA is, however, tempered by other factors such as the improved technology of all season tyres and a corresponding growth in their popularity.

TrafficSafe readers can purchase the report directly from Research and Markets here: “United States Winter Tyre Market Report 2014-2018”

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