Full colour for tourist gateway signs

Retroreflective materials from Rennicks are enabling the use of full colour imagery as part of road signage for tourist locations.

Leicester Tourist Gateway SignThe newly issued “Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions (TSRGD) 2016” from the UK Department for Transport (DfT) includes provisions for the use of digitally printed full colour traffic signs. These “Tourist Gateway” welcome signs are able to incorporate digitally printed photographic images and provide tourist locations with the ability to be more informative about attractions in their areas. Fully compliant Tourist Gateway signs use retroreflective materials such as Nikkalite sheeting as supplied by Rennicks UK.

The most recent Tourist Gateway Signs are those welcoming visitors to the City of Leicester at 12 key approaches and 9 other sites, produced using the new digital sign technology and retroreflective materials supplied by Rennicks UK with the design and delivery by Limelight Signs.

Demonstrating the city’s historic significance and forming part of a major scheme called Legible Leicester to replace boundary signs and reduce street clutter by removing thousands of other signs from Leicester’s roads, the new signs feature Leicester Cathedral and the landmark Richard III statue of the Last Plantagenet monarch outside the cathedral.

According to City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby, the new signs support the Legible Leicester project to improve on-street information for pedestrians and motorists while removing unnecessary signage. “The signs are part of a bigger drive to promote the city’s 2,000 year history and were the result of a great deal of successful work to raise awareness of Leicester’s rich heritage,” he said.

“Tourist Gateway Signs are already in place on the approaches to Plymouth, Portsmouth and other towns, villages and cities across the UK and it’s clear that they’re destined to make a big difference to the visibility, attractiveness and popularity of these regions,” said Rennicks UK’s Sales Director, Martin Rodgers.

“When they’re digitally printed onto long-lasting Rennicks Nikkalite retroreflective materials, you can be sure they will stand out for miles, as well as draw people in for many years to come,” he added.

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