Hardware acceleration for handling higher resolution video

Milestone Systems is supporting video processing at higher 4K resolutions without loss of frame rate using Intel video decoding hardware.

Multiple camera effect on performance and costMilestone Systems has dramatically improved video stream performance with the use of Intel Quick Sync Video technology to vastly reduce the operational costs and accelerate data throughput. H.264 video stream can be decoded more efficiently using computers equipped with the dedicated media processing capabilities of Intel Quick Sync Video.

Using this latest technology from the global computing giant, Milestone Systems has reduced processor utilisation by more than 80% because video technology does all the work to decode the video stream so that the main processor is free to perform other duties.

With XProtect Smart Client being able to use this technology in XProtect 2016, customers are able to reduce costs by reducing the number of client workstations required, with each being able to handle more HD cameras as well as being able to attain better clarity of videos.

This is a particularly important development with the increase in the number of installations opting for the latest in ultra-high definition cameras with 4K resolution. Such cameras are useful in installations that handle larger environments such as heavy traffic scenarios and smart city surveillance, where 4K resolution results in fine detail retention even at higher levels of zoom. This means that control room operators can focus on a small area of interest within a large scene and zoom finely into the detail without losing resolution.

In practice, this is often difficult to achieve due to the extra data being handled but with XProtect Smart Client, the ultra-fast decoding environment means that multiple 4K cameras can be displayed with fine detail zoom capabilities without loss of frame rate. Milestone Systems says that the existing frame rates of 25 or 30 frames per second can be retained even at such resolutions using the Intel Quick Sync Video technology.

Milestone and Intel testing results

Tests have been carried out by Milestone in collaboration with Intel and it was found that 5x more video streams could be handled in XProtect Smart Client 2016 compared to the 2014 version of the same client by using the Intel technology and its hardware acceleration.

Explaining how the technology works, Milestone’s Reinier Tuinzing said that by integrating Quick Sync Video into their processors, Intel is able to display video fluidly at full high definition from as many as 25 cameras simultaneously on a single-socket, four-core client PC powered by a high-end Intel Core i7 processor.

“That’s equivalent to showing 25 Blu-ray movies at the same time without dropping a single frame,” he said. “It can also support multiple 4K UHD cameras with fluid video at 25/30 frames per second, making a really critical difference for the security industry,” Reinier continued.

What this means to existing customers is that they can upgrade their existing XProtect VMS to manage more cameras without the need for new client hardware. Alternatively, the extra capacity could be used for handling UltraHD/4K video cameras to improve video details. For new XProtect installations, more cost efficient PCs can be used thanks to the more efficient XProtect Smart Client 2016.

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