High definition mapping data available for autonomy testing

Autonomous vehicle technology suppliers can now take advantage of detailed mapping data from HERE of public roads in four countries.

HD mapping for automated vehicle testingHERE is making high-definition (HD) mapping data of sections of public roads in four countries available to all automotive companies to support their highly automated vehicle initiatives.

The HD map has been developed using the company’s LiDAR-equipped data capture vehicles and advanced processing technologies. As part of that effort, HERE has mapped several private test tracks for automated driving projects.

Now, for the first time, HERE is offering HD mapping data of specific stretches of open road in Silicon Valley and Michigan in the United States, as well as in France and Germany, to all carmakers and automotive suppliers for test purposes. HERE plans to offer data for Japan too later this year. The company is currently working with more than 10 automotive companies on automated driving projects.

“We have been providing mapping data for the automotive industry for three decades,” said Bruno Bourguet, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development at HERE. “Now we are building on those long standing relationships to help our customers advance their leadership in this crucial technology.”

In order to map roads at a 10-to-20 centimeter accuracy, HERE uses LiDAR technology to collect billions of 3D points and model road surfaces down to the number of lanes and their width. It captures important details such as the slope and curvature of the road, lane markings and roadside objects such as sign posts, including what that signage denotes.

“The HD Map is a crucial component of automated driving technology, helping highly automated vehicles precisely position themselves on the road,” said Ogi Redzic, Senior Vice President of Automotive at HERE. “This highly detailed information helps highly automated cars better plan maneouvres and make driving decisions.”

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