High inspection failures for leisure vehicles in Sweden

Motor homes in Sweden suffer high failure rates at annual inspections despite the fleet being relatively new compared to caravans.

Motor and caravan combination testing in SwedenThese days, people in Sweden are showing a preference for motor homes instead of caravans as a vehicle to use for free-time pursuits but both types of vehicle are nonetheless subject to the annual vehicle inspection for roadworthiness requirements in the country.

For the first time, inspection organisation Bilprovningen has studied failure rates for this class of vehicle and found that despite the fact that the fleet of motor homes is newer than caravans, they nonetheless fail at a higher rate. This could be explained to some extent by the fact that motor homes have more inspection points than caravans therefore more opportunities to fail but both types of vehicle usually have very low mileage compared to passenger cars so the failure rates are surprising for Bilprovningen.

In the run up to the Elmia Caravan camping and mobile lifestyle trade fair, the inspection company found that 32% of motor homes fail the annual test and 27% of caravans fail each year.

The sample size was 18000 motor homes with an average age of 12 years and 24000 caravans with an average age of 21 years. The most common cause of failure was defective braking systems. Prior to 2014, a common failure cause was the gas control system which is now no longer an compulsory inspection requirement which is one reason why overall figures have improved. However, as many as 40% of leisure vehicle owners opted for this inspection at last year’s tests.

In Sweden, the law requires that motor homes with a gross weight of up to 3500kg should be inspected initially after 3 yeas of service and subsequently every 2 years. Vehicles over that weight require annual inspections from new.

Caravans are first inspected when they are 4 years old and every two years thereafter.

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