Honolulu buses equipped with onboard surveillance cameras

Over 300 buses in Honolulu have been fitted with surveillance cameras networked to on-board solid state storage devices.

A public transport company offering fixed bus routes throughout Honolulu has opted to improve driver security and passenger safety with the installation of surveillance camera systems from Safety Vision on over three hundred buses in its fleet.

Safety Vision RoadrecorderSupporting up to twelve cameras for each vehicle, the system is differentiated by the accompanying storage system using Safety Vision’s proprietary SafeStor technology. This storage solution is a solid state system eliminating the problem of vibration and vehicular motion which have an adverse effect on rotating magnetic media such as that encountered in traditional DVR equipment. This is combined with more permanent disk drive storage to which the solid-state memory contents are transferred when the vehicle’s ignition is switched off.

Such dual storage technology improves the reliability of the storage system and creates redundancy to protect against failures of the system. In addition, an SD storage device can be installed for recording triggered events for easy search and access of the incidents that caused the trigger.

Video management and viewing are also catered for enabling the central management of several cameras and vehicles including the management of archived material. Features include wireless video off-load to enable recorded material to be accessed remotely and downloaded. This download can be started automatically from triggered events. The video material can also be accessed remotely from another moving vehicle.

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