Impaired driving monitor welcomed on Mercedes

UK insurance company believes the introduction of driver monitoring technology to detect sleep impairment is a welcome safety feature on the UK market.

The Attention Assist system that Mercedes-Benz has recently revealed for the B-Class is aimed at reducing the alarming figure that 25-33% of vehicle collisions and traffic accidents are caused by driver fatigue. The new Attention Assist system is comprised of 70 individual sensors which create a unique template of your driving style from the moment you start driving. As you progress through your journey, the car will constantly measure your driving skills through the heart of the system, the steering wheel, contrasting the data it collects with its first impressions of your driving ability.

Tired drivers make dozens of tiny errors which they automatically correct – if the Attention Assist system suspects that you are beginning to do this, it will check to see if you’re OK to be driving by asking itself a series of questions: how long have you been behind the wheel; are you fiddling with the radio; are there pot-holes in the road; is a strong wind buffeting the car on one side? If your Mercedes is not satisfied with the answers to these questions it assumes that you’re nodding off and fires off a loud beep to wake you up, flashing a picture of a cup of coffee at you from the dashboard.

UK GAP insurance provider, Click4GAP is taking a keen interest in on-board safety systems such as this. A spokesman for the company commented on the Attention Assist system, saying “It’s fantastic that Mercedes-Benz is continuing to innovate and improve upon driver safety like this. Anything to make Britain’s roads safer is a deed worthy of being commended. However, it is important to remember that no matter how impressive the safety features are in your car, there’s no guarantee that any other driver on the road has an equivalent system in theirs.”

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