Industry group for driver risk management

The IAM has set up the Business Customer Advisory Group for driving innovative driver risk management programmes in the fleet industry.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has hosted the inaugural meeting of its new Business Customer Advisory Group (BCAG), where industry professionals came together to give their opinions on what they need from innovative driver risk management programmes that will deliver safer and more efficient driver activities for their businesses.

The meeting welcomed a variety of fleet, transport and safety experts from E.ON, TubeLines, Siemens, Cannon Hygiene and others. The first of a regular series of meetings, BCAG will advise on the direction of the IAM’s product portfolio and help to find answers to the issues which are challenging fleet managers today.

BCAG discussed the changing environment of those who drive for work, including factors such as traffic and technology and called for focussed and appropriate skills improvements for their drivers. The primary demand of BCAG members was to keep their drivers safe.

Gary Bishop, fleet manager at Cannon Hygiene said: “Being a member of BCAG gives me the opportunity to shape the future of smart driver risk management. The IAM has gathered together a vocal and knowledgeable group and is listening to what we have to say – we expect great things to come from the group over coming years.”

Lesley Upham, IAM’s commercial director said: “Consultation with the Business Customer Advisory Group will help us understand what we need to do to create a supportive and holistic environment for both employers and employees.

“We are keen to provide cost-effective and accessible training, through the channels people prefer using, that give drivers transferrable skills they can take from their professional lives to their personal ones. For businesses we aim to provide a high-quality service that offers options to deliver effective fleet management for businesses across the country.”

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