Infra-Red Driver Distraction and Fatigue Prevention System

Dashboard mounted IR camera monitors driver for signs of distraction and fatigue providing audible alerts when triggered.

The SafetyTrax DDM system from Safety Vision is and innovative driver monitoring device that has an in-built algorithm for detecting signs of distraction or fatigue.

The camera operates autonomously and is positioned to monitor the driver whilst the vehicle is being operated. The infra-red vision system on the camera enables it to be used in darkness and still detect signs of distraction or fatigue.

The video analytics algorithm installed in the camera is designed to detect signs of fatigue through facial monitoring and the anti-distraction algorithm understands when the driver is reading or sending text messages from a mobile phone.

When any of these signs are detected, the system audibly alerts the driver to bring attention back to the task of driving. With as many as 20,000 injuries every year being assigned in the USA alone to distracted and fatigued driving, the system is being marketed predominantly to fleet operators to reduce the level of fatigue and distraction in commercial drivers.

The system can be set up to send real time alerts to fleet managers as well as alerting the driver.

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