International crossing point upgrades tolling

The City of Laredo on the Mexican border with the USA is upgrading the tolling and HGV weighing system on its four international bridges.

Laredo bridge plazaLaredo on the border of Mexico and USA will upgrade the toll collection system system on its four international bridges that connect the two countries using technology from TransCore. Over six and a half million vehicles and three million pedestrians cross the “Gateway to the Americas”, the “Juarez-Lincoln International”, the “Colombia Solidarity”, and the “World Trade” bridges linking Mexico with the USA. The modernisation project will be completed in 2018 and involves upgrades to the electronic and cash payment toll collection systems.

TransCore will also upgrade automatic weigh-in-motion technology for commercial vehicles traversing the Colombia Solidarity and World Trade bridges. The new weigh-in-motion subsystem will provide greater accuracy while reducing existing maintenance costs and eliminating the need for heavy vehicle drivers to stop to be inspected if weights are below the specified limits.

The project will also include the development of a self-service payment station at each non-commercial customer service centre, while updating the existing back office customer service centre system with the latest account management, self-service website, payment processing and mobile application technologies.

“The City of Laredo is happy to again have the opportunity to work with TransCore on this very important project. Laredo is the number one Inland Port and the Number 3 Customs District in the United States of America and with the steady growth in traffic, this upgrade will prepare our electronic toll collection system for the next 10 to 15 years. The City is always working to improve efficiency and this upgrade will do just that. We are excited to get this project started,” said Mario Maldonado, bridge manager, City of Laredo.

TransCore developed and installed the original toll collection system in 1998. The new toll collection system will accommodate future expansions and is based on Infinity Digital Lane System technology. Featuring vehicle classification, dual currency support and video capture, Infinity technology is specifically designed to automatically and accurately collect transactions in high-volume traffic across a wide variety of traffic speeds and patterns.

“The City of Laredo has always been at the forefront of providing its residents and area travellers with a safe, secure and convenient way to travel between the USA and Mexico,” said TransCore Project Manager Ron Barr. “We are delighted that the city continues to trust our technology and people and look forward to deploying our latest systems.”

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