Kazakhstan and Russia reach GLONASS development agreement

Russia has signed an agreement with Kazakhstan on the development and deployment of the ERA-GLONASS for improving emergency response in the customs union.

The Central Asian country of Kazakhstan has become a development partner of Russia for the deployment and use of the ERA-GLONASS system for use in the two countries. Close neighbours and customs union partners, both Russia and Kazakhstan share many similarities in terms of population densities, road transport infrastructure and communication services. It was therefore a natural progression for the countries to shake hands on a joint development agreement.

The prime function of the ERA-GLONASS deployment is to improve emergency response to incidents on the countries’ road networks. Vehicles involved in serious accidents and which are suitably equipped automatically send a signal across the mobile communications network providing geographical positioning information and opening a voice channel for communications. Given the precise location information, emergency services can be deployed swiftly and given accurate data.

With Russia and Kazakhstan’s vast territories and remote road networks, injured vehicle occupants currently have poor prospects for survival. One of the main reasons for poor survival chances I that discovery of the incident may take a long time, cellular communications are poor, accurate location information is difficult to communicate and emergency services despatch is subject to delay. Using the ERA-GLONASS system eliminates these delays.

Russia is already well on the way to full scale implementation of ERA-GLONASS and has both infrastructure and legislation in place. For Kazakhstan to follow suit, the two countries have agreed to develop the infrastructure and exchange information and specifications. Russia will also provide advice on the development of the navigation and information services required for the deployment of ERA-GLONASS on Kazakhstan’s territory.

The customs union is formed of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus and so it is a natural expectation that Belarus will also soon form a similar agreement to roll out ERA-GLONASS across the whole of the customs union territory.

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