Loading dock system incorporates ANPR for vehicle recognition

Warehouse security supplier Building Intelligence has incorporated an ANPR system from Elsag for recognising vehicles before the enter loading docks.

Often one of the weak points of physical security for a manufacturing or warehousing facility, the loading bays in busy locations can see a constant flow of vehicles entering and leaving. Once a vehicle has arrived at the loading dock, it has already been driven through external perimeters and can present a significant security threat.

The SV3path vehicle security and loading dock system from Building Intelligence is a program for managing operations and for providing security control in such facilities and has now had its functionality extended with the inclusion of Elsag’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system which extends the perimeter of security control logically to wherever the cameras are placed which can be outside the physical perimeter.

By comparing a database of expected vehicles with the license plates read with the ANPR system (also know as License Plate Recognition or LPR in America), security personnel can be alerted to the arrival of unexpected or unauthorised vehicles or about excessively late arrivals of goods. Combined with this, automatic access control systems can be placed at the perimeter and can control vehicle access barriers triggered by the ANPR system.

Similarly, a record can be automatically kept of vehicle arrival time, duration on site and exit times which can contribute to loss prevention policies and a reduction in the opportunities for smuggling contraband into a facility or stolen goods out. Expected deliveries of dangerous goods can be recognised and routed appropriately to specific loading bays.

Having a predetermined procedural operation for flagging dangerous goods, providing access to vehicles and recording data on traffic movements removes processes that are dependent on human factors and which can become relaxed. Similarly, staff reluctance to challenge the arrival of unknown vehicles and drivers is overcome.

The Fixed Plate Hunter-900 or FPH-900 ANPR system from Elsag North America is a flexible camera system that can be fixed to bridges, overpasses, gate and barrier systems and other fixed roadside structures. The system can read numbers in all lighting and weather conditions and can recognise plates from all countries in the EU.

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