LPR software integrated into video management system

PlateSmart’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) software can now be operated on the exacqvision video management software from Exacq Technologies in the USA.

The integration between exacqvision and PlateSmart LPR has occurred at a time when demand for the ability to recognise license plates in the USA is increasing across a number of applications including traffic enforcement and vehicular access control.

Video Management Systems such as exacqvision are platforms for the integration and management of video surveillance systems including cameras, video analytics and storage. As such, it is a natural choice of platform on which to integrated video LPR.

LPR (also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition or ANPR in other countries) can be camera based or software based. PlateSmart’s software based LPR is compatible with a number of both analogue and IP megapixel surveillance cameras currently on the market. exacqvision similar supports cameras from a number of mainstream suppliers in the industry.

The LPR software polls the cameras on the network and transfers license plate information it finds to the Video Management System including the number itself, timestamp and camera identity. The information can then be compared to lists, stored or discarded with no action.

Currently, the integrated system is only available in the American market.

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