Market spotlight on sleep detection and night vision systems

Market Publishers provides a five year outlook on the global market for night vision systems in vehicles as well as sleep impairment detection.

As active safety systems in the automotive industry continue to take hold, researchers at Market Publishers have chosen two technologies to highlight in the company’s latest market research report, Night Vision Systems and Driver Impairment Detection systems.

Vehicular night vision is a recent addition into the armoury of Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) available on the market and is so far only available on luxury vehicles with a high price tag. The technology uses infra-red and radar detection systems at the front of the car to enable the on-board computer to analyze the road ahead and detect the presence of obstructions, animals and pedestrians which are beyond the visible field of view of the driver.

The technology has particular life-saving potential on dark country-lanes or in urban environments at night in poor weather. In both cases, movements of animals in rural settings and pedestrians in inclement urban setting can be unpredictable and difficult to see for the driver. Night Vision systems give the driver extended opportunities to prevent collisions with vulnerable road users and wild animals.

Additionally, systems for monitoring the driver’s state of alertness through the detection of signs of inattention can prevent accidents that take place due to sleep impairment or loss of concentration through distraction. This technology also relies on infra-red sensors to monitor the driver without itself becoming a source of distraction.

The new report covers all major markets globally with the major drive expected to come from the demand for luxury vehicles in the European market as well as China, India and Japan.

The report can be purchased directly from Market Publishers here: “Night Vision and Driver impairment detection systems market for passenger vehicles 2014-2019”

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