Mayoral candidates see freight manifesto

Freight Transport Association delivers Freight Manifesto to candidates for the position of mayor of London to illustrate the freight needs of the capital.

Within its new manifesto, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) examines the freight movement requirements of London and uses the construction sector as an example of the amount of freight traffic required, stating a minimum of 34 commercial vehicles being needed in order to build and furnish an average 3-bedroom house.

Every day, more than 360,000 tonnes of goods are required to be delivered by road haulage into the capital, equivalent to 15,000 tonnes per hour, a figure that doesn’t include small van and courier deliveries, which increase the total amount of freight being handled in London even further.

The social costs of accidents and emissions are being addressed through investment in new technology, better driving practices and better enforcement of existing regulations, according to the FTA. In this respect, the organisation is urging the mayoral candidates not to assume blanket approaches, such as HGV bans, as a means of gaining the political edge. The FTA argues that such approaches don’t work, increase the cost of doing business and fail to achieve the safety benefits which they assume.

Commenting on the social importance of the logistics industry and the vital role it plays in London’s future, the FTA’s Chief Executive, David Wells said, “This manifesto emphasises that freight is always only used when there is a purpose.  With London apparently needing 59,000 new homes to be built annually, it’s clear that you cannot get this done without the use of lorries to supply the materials needed.”

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