Mazda enters partnership for in-car connectivity platform

OpenCar and Mazda have formed a partnership for the development of open vehicle connectivity platform for automotive applications.

As more vehicle manufacturers attempt to engage third party developers in the development of connectivity applications, Mazda has gone for the route of open platform integration by forming a partnership with OpenCar for a Connected Car App Platform.

With vehicle connectivity opportunities being seamingly limited only by the boundaries of imagination at the moment, the race is on to develop so-called “open” platforms on which to establish such connectivity. Without a platform, the devices and services connected to the vehicle threaten to proliferate to such an extent that the driver could be overwhelmed with devices and sources of distraction.

To overcome this and to establish a standard for its vehicles, Japanese car manufacturer Mazda has entered into a partnership with software company OpenCar to create a standard App platform for use on Mazda vehicles. Using the platform, other third party developers can create applications for use on the platform.

Mazda has joined other major international vehicle manufacturers to aim at delivering safe and seamless connectivity experiences for their drivers as well as keeping up with the unmitigating levels of innovation in the market. Meeting the requirements of vehicle technology that promote safe driving is an important aspect of Mazda’s goals.

According to Mazda’s Masashi Yamasaki, the company entered the partnership with OpenCar in order to enable developers from other companies to create the kinds of apps that customers expect without compromising on the highest levels of safety. Within its collaboration with OpenCar, Mazda has the ability to define its own requirements for human machine interface and for safety so that these are not compromised by the developers.

OpenCar’s Jeff Payne explained that the company supports the notion of open and standards-based platforms that promote the development of automotive applications which will help manufacturers deliver the connected car experience.

Mazda is demonstrating the OpenCar platform this week at its stand number 314 in the North Hall at the Las Vegas Conference Centre at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014.

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