Middle East road safety in focus with new RoSPA role

UK safety organisation hires international operations head to oversee improvement plans for road safety in the Middle Eastern region.

The UK’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) is expanding its reach into foreign territories with a strong focus on road safety with the appointment of Martin Eagleton to the position of head of international operations.

Part of Martin’s brief in his new role is to target the government sector, training companies and private enterprises for road safety training in the Middle East, a region of the world that he is familiar with having spent the last decade working there.

RoSPA has a role inadvocating the strong reputation of the United Kingdom in international circles for safety and to work with foreign partners to develop combined strategies to improve safety on road networks globally.

RoSPA is committed to improvements in the Middle East region. The UAE has the highest road death toll in the region at just over 37 deaths per 100000 people due to traffic accidents. This country is followed by Saudi Arabia with 29 road deaths per 100000 population. As a benchmark, the UK figure is 5.4, according to the WHO. Since most of the deaths in the Middle East are occupational, RoSPA is targeting the commercial sector in its road safety training campaign.

RoSPA believes the timing of the move is an important factor with heavy increases in regional tourism, particularly Dubai and with the World Cup scheduled to be held in Qatar in ten years time.

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