Monitoring app wins Ford connectivity award

An app for monitoring driver behaviour has won the grand prize at the Ford SYNC AppLink Developer Conference.

Ford SYNC3 app development awardsAt its second annual SYNC AppLink Developer Conference held in San Francisco, Ford announced the winner of its app developer hackathon competition after inviting mobile app developers globally to create new applications that enhance in-car user experiences.

At this year’s event, the winner was MyStreetCred, a driver monitoring app that provides drivers with a report card on their driver behaviour and habits.

In creating the app, developers from Rockfish made use of the latest set of AppLink application programming interfaces and the new capabilities of SYNC 3, including real-time information from vehicle sensors on speed, location, braking patterns and fuel economy.

The purpose of the app is to raise awareness amongst users of their driving patterns and how they can affect fuel consumption and road safety. Such behaviours include driving too fast in poor weather, harsh braking and other activities that can have a negative effect on safety or economy.

This is the second year that Rockfish has attended the developer conference and worked with Ford engineers on their project. They are now planning to continue with the app’s development to include other functions such as parental monitoring and linking to usage based insurance providers.

Commenting on Ford’s selection of the Rockfish app, the automotive manufacturer’s spokesman Scott Burnell said, “MyStreetCred stood out because of its innovative use of the new SYNC AppLink developer tools that make use of vehicle information to create dynamic apps in the car.”

As the grand prize winner, MyStreetCred will be featured at the 2016 International CES in Las Vegas. Ford will also host its first ever AppLink Developer Challenge in Tel Aviv, Israel from October 11th to 12th, 2015.

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